reGeneration - Announcements

CCCNJ Church Vision

We are a family-oriented church where you will:

  1. Feel comfortable in bringing other members of your family here, through Christ’s love.

  2. Find love, care, and unconditional acceptance within a small group fellowship in Christ.

  3. Be challenged and equipped to grow in your spiritual walk as a Christian.

  4. Find opportunities to serve in ministries where you are gifted and have a passion for Christ.

  5. Find like-minded fellow believers in Christ.

reGen Women’s Lunch | Jan. 20, SAT 11:30 a.m. | Mrs. Jean Lee’s Residence

All ReGen Women are invited to a “Sushi-Making Social”  lunch, followed by a devotion.  If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to Jean Lee or Jeannie Shen.

Short Term Missions Open Forum | Jan. 21, SUN 1:30 p.m. | Upper Grange

Come find out about our CCCNJ sponsored Short Term Missions trips for this summer.  All youths, young adults and parents are encouraged to attend.  

reGen Men’s Brunch | Jan. 27, SAT 10 a.m. | Fellowship Hall

All ReGen Men are invited to a scrumptious brunch social for brothers from the different generations to get to know one another better.  If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to Xris Mason or Kyle Chan.

Access to RightNow Media

CCCNJ has purchased a license for all church members to view RightNow Media resources at no cost. RightNow Media is an online streaming service that provides access to thousands of video Bible studies, leadership videos, and kids' shows, and can be used for both personal devotions and small group study. If you have not yet received an e-mail invite to create a RightNow Media account, please contact Elder David Hsieh to be added to the list of recipients.

Call for reGeneration ServantsCall for reGeneration Servants

The communion team is looking for a second team to prepare the Bread and the Cup. The commitment is for an hour of time before service once every other month. The requirements are that you are neat and have a respectful heart in handling these instruments. If interested, please contact Debbie Ahokas or Jeff Chiou. For those with an artistic bent, the bulletin team is asking for cover submissions. Original artwork and photographs that help us reflect on Him, whether of His creation or through His creations. If you have a submission, please contact Marissa Chiang or Jeff Chiou. As you consider, please remember that as Jesus served us, we too are called to serve one another, and He takes our small offerings to make them blessings to others.

Online Giving

Giving to CCCNJ furthers God’s kingdom and is as easy as a few clicks on your computer or mobile device. Please visit the Give tab in the upper right hand corner of the church website. Contributions are secure and will be reflected in your yearly contribution statement.

Stock & Mutual Fund Donations

If you would like to donate some shares of your appreciated stock or mutual funds, please see Trustee Lenny Voo for the proper form.  You do not have to pay any taxes on the capital gains and you can claim the entire stock share value as a tax deduction.

reGeneration Email List Sign-Up

Join our reGeneration email list for special event announcements, church closing, and other important news. To subscribe, please click here. Only church leaders can send emails to the list.

Youth and Youth Parent email list | Sign-up at

To sign up for the youth and youth parents email list, please go to and subscribe to the appropriate email list.  These lists are used to pass out youth group information, church closings, and other important news.

reGeneration Word | Facebook Group

Anyone interested in joining this closed group, please contact Elder David Hsieh to be added to the list of participants.