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DateSermon TitlePassageSpeaker
7/2/2017Learning to TrustGenesis 12:10-20Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/25/2017The Danger of Self-PityPsalm 73Rev. Donald Wong
6/18/2017When God CallsGenesis 12:1-9Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/11/2017Jephthah:  The War WithinJudges 12:1-7Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/4/2017God Will ProvideGenesis 22:1-14Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/28/2017Memorial Day Weekend Retreat
5/21/2017What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?Luke 10:25-37Pastor Paul Shen
5/14/2017Jephthah:  A Tragic VowJudges 11:29-40Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/7/2017Miracle of CreationGenesis 1:1, 26-31Rev. Howard Chan
4/30/2017Short in Stature or StatusLuke 19:1-10Pastor Paul Shen
4/23/2017Jephthah:  Inconvenient TruthJudges 11:12-28Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/16/2017Raised with ChristColossians 3:1-4Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/9/2017Jephthah: An OutsiderJudges 11:1-11Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/2/2017Being a Model Church1 Thess 1:3-10Dr. Stanley John
3/26/2017Reconcile Before You WorshipMatthew 5:23-24Pastor Paul Shen
3/19/2017Cycles of SinJudges 10:1-18Rev. Janas Caruncho
3/12/2017Unity Can Only Be Found in TruthEphesians 4:1-6Elder David Hsieh
3/05/2017Abimelech:  Fires of ConflctJudges 9:22-57Rev. Janas Caruncho
2/26/2017Abimelech: Greed for PowerJudges 9:1-21Rev. Janas Caruncho
2/19/2017Remain In MeJohn 15:1-18Elder TY Lee
2/12/2017Gideon: Righteous FacadeJudges 8:22-35Rev. Janas Caruncho
2/05/2017Gideon: Contrasting BattlesJudges 8:1-21Rev. Janas Caruncho
1/29/2017Gideon: Assurance of VictoryJudges 7:9-25Rev. Janas Caruncho
1/22/2017A Case Study In Church ConflictActs 6:1-7Rev. Steve Chin
01/15/2017Gideon: 300Judges 7:1-8Rev. Janas Caruncho
01/08/2017Gideon: Signs of AssuranceJudges 6:36-40Rev. Janas Caruncho
01/01/2017New Year, New HeartLuke 6:43-46Marcus and Jen Baeder
12/25/2016Contracts, Covenants, and GiftsPsalm 116:10-13Pastor Paul Shen
12/18/2016Waiting on the LordJames 5:7-11Rev. Janas Caruncho
12/11/2016Hope in the MessiahIsaiah 11:1-5Rev. Janas Caruncho
12/04/2016Remaining Faithful to the Task2 Timothy 2:1-13Rev. Howard Chan
11/27/2016Enter Into ThanksgivingPsalm 100Rev. Janas Caruncho
11/20/2016Gideon:  Breaking Down AltarsJudges 6:17-32Rev. Janas Caruncho
11/13/2016Gideon:  Doubting God's GoodnessJudges 6:11-16Rev. Janas Caruncho
11/6/2016Before You CallJudges 6:1-10Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/30/2016Deborah:  Poetic JusticeJudges 4-5Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/23/2016Ehud:  An Unexpected SaviorJudges 3:26-30Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/16/2016Othniel:  First CycleJudges 3:7-11Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/09/2016Breaking the CycleJudges 2:16-23Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/02/2016Courage to FollowJudges 1:1-10Rev. Janas Caruncho
9/25/2016Am I My Brother's KeeperGenesis 4:8-9Pastor Paul Shen
9/18/2016What Do You Long For?1 Peter 1:22-2:3Elder David Hsieh
9/11/2016Trust the Lord or PeoplePsalm 146Rev. John Heald
9/04/2016What Are You Doing Here1 Kings 19:8-18Elder TY Lee
8/28/2016Title vs. TestimonyJohn 18:33-38Pastor Paul Shen
8/21/2016Crouching Sin, Hidden DangerGenesis 4:1-12Pastor Donald Wong
8/14/2016Do We Really Care?Haggai 1:1-15Rev. Joe Feun
8/07/2016IntimacyGenesis 16:1-16Rev. Derrick Jackson
7/31/2016How to Be Holy1 Peter 1:13-21Elder David Hsieh
7/24/2016An Example Worth Imitating2 Corinthians 8:1-5Rev. Howard Chan
7/17/2016Keep It Simple, Travel LightLuke 9:10-17  Rev. Dr. John Ng
7/10/2016Proverbs 27:20, Luke 11:33-36Proverbs 27:20, Luke 11:33-36Rev. Jeff Whisman
7/03/2016Tears in God's BottlePsalm 56:8Pastor Paul Shen
6/26/20161 Peter 1:1-121 Peter 1:1-12Elder David Hsieh
6/19/2016Devoted PeopleTitus 3:7-15Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/12/2016reGenerated for GoodTitus 3:1-7Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/05/2016Multi-Generational CommunityTitus 2:1-15Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/29/2016Memorial Day Weekend Retreat
5/22/2016The Conduct of a LeaderTitus 1:9-16Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/15/2016The Qualities of a LeaderTitus 1:4-9Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/08/2016Running for the Right PrizePhilippians 3:12-21Pastor Daniel Liu
5/01/2016The Role of Community in ConfessionHebrews 3:12-14Elder David Hsieh
4/24/2016The Heart of the MatterColossians 2:16-23Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/17/2016Rooted in ChristColossians 2:6-15Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/10/2016Knowledge to TreasureColossians 2:1-5Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/3/2016Work Out Your SalvationPhilippians 2:12-13Pastor Paul Shen
3/27/2016New Life in Christ1 Corinthians 15:17-26Rev. Janas Caruncho
3/20/2016The Hope of GloryColossians 1:24-29Rev. Janas Caruncho
3/13/2016How to Run for JesusHebrews 12:1-3Pastor Kirt Thallman
3/06/2016We are AliensColossians 1:19-23Rev. Janas Caruncho
02/28/2016The Supremacy of ChristColossians 1:15-20Rev. Janas Caruncho
02/21/2016Champions of ThanksgivingPsalm 100Pastor David Alas
02/14/2016Walk In A Worthy MannerColossians 1:9-14Rev. Janas Caruncho
02/07/2016The Gospel has come to youColossians 1:1-8Rev. Janas Caruncho
01/31/2016Wasted Life?Judges 13-16Elder David Hsieh
01/24/2016Snowstorm (No Service)  
01/17/2016Out with the Old, In with the NewColossians 3:5-11Rev. Janas Caruncho
01/10/2016Total or Incomplete VictoryJoshua 21:43-44Pastor Paul Shen
01/03/2016Resolved to Reflect ChristColossians 3:12-17Rev. Janas Caruncho
12/27/2015Spoken At LastHebrews 1:1-4Rev. Janas Caruncho
12/20/2015Peace On EarthLuke 2:8-14Rev. Janas Caruncho
12/13/2015On That DayIsaiah 12Rev. Janas Caruncho
12/6/2015Authenticity and HolinessLev. 21:21, Lev 22:20Elder TY Lee
11/29/2015Prayer of ThanksgivingEphesians 1:15-17Rev. Janas Caruncho
11/22/2015Rejoice and Give Thanks1 Thessalonians 5:12-22Rev. Janas Caruncho
11/15/2015Treasures AwaitMatthew 6:19-24Rev. Janas Caruncho
11/8/2015But Wait...Acts 1:1-8Pastor Donald Wong
11/1/2015How Does God Reveal Himself?Psalm 19 and Heb 1:1-5Rev. John Chang (Translated)
10/25/2015A Sanctifying HandGenesis 42-45Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/18/2015Family MattersGenesis 37Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/11/2015To Stand Against TemptationGenesis 39Rev. Janas Caruncho
10/4/2015What Clothes Do You Put On?  Matthew 22:1-14Pastor Paul Shen
9/27/2015Humbly ExaltedLuke 18:9-14Rev. Janas Caruncho
9/20/2015A Life of ContentmentPhilippians 4:10-13Rev. Janas Caruncho
9/13/2015Trade Offs:  Gains and LossesPhilippians 3:7-11Rev. Janas Caruncho
9/6/2015The Grace of God2 Corinthians 8:1-15Elder David Hsieh
8/30/2015To Walk In Light (Youth Sunday)1 John 1:5-2:3Pastor Josh Vang
8/23/2015Practical FaithRomans 12:9-13Rev. Janas Caruncho
8/16/2015When in DoubtJohn 20:24-31Rev. Janas Caruncho
8/9/2015Knowing GodMatthew 8:23-27, Matthew 14:22-33Pastor Chris Chu
8/2/2015ResponseRomans 12:1Pastor Jon Li 
7/26/2015Set Your Mind on ChristColossians 3:1-4Rev. Janas Caruncho
7/19/2015Cost of DiscipleshipLuke 14:25-27Rev. Janas Caruncho
7/12/2015A Feast In A Desolate PlaceMark 6:30-44Pastor Chris Chu
7/5/2015How To Engage the LostLuke 24:13-25Pastor Paul Shen
6/28/2015The New JerusalemRevelation 21:1-5Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/21/2015A Stern and Gracious FatherPsalm 103:6-14Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/14/2015Work and RestGenesis 1:26-2:2Rev. Janas Caruncho
6/7/2015By Faith, Not By Sight1 Peter 1:1-9, 2 Cor 5:7Rev. Shawn Huang
5/31/2015The Promise of HomeJeremiah 31:10-17Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/24/2015Memorial Day Weekend Retreat  
5/17/2015Peace In Our TimeJeremiah 29:4-14Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/10/2015Wisdom:  A Mother's Heart1 Kings 3:16-18Rev. Janas Caruncho
5/3/2015Evangelism HappensJohn 4:1-30, 39-41Pastor Josh Vang
4/26/2015When You're ShakenHebrews 12:18-29Rev. Janas Caruncho
4/19/2015How Do We Love Jesus?Matthew 25:31-46Pastor Paul Shen
4/12/2015God Makes Faith Grow1 Cor 3:5-9 Pastor Milo Cho
4/5/2015Because He is Risen1 Cor 15:14-17Rev. Janas Caruncho
3/29/2015Who Are You Expecting?John 12:12-19Elder David Hsieh
3/22/2015Paul Shows Us To Live By Faith Rev. John Buerer
3/15/2015Keep It CleanMark 7:14-23Rev. Janas Caruncho
3/8/2015Like a Good NeighborLuke 10:25-37Rev. Janas Caruncho
3/1/2015In Another's Shoes1 Cor 9:19-23Rev. Janas Caruncho
2/22/2015Groaning to HopeRomans 8:18-39Elder TY Lee
2/15/2015Called to Follow HimMark 1:14-20Rev. Janas Caruncho
2/8/2015A People Who Proclaim Christ1 Peter 2:9-12Rev. Janas Caruncho
2/1/2015After the FloodGenesis 9:8-17Rev. Janas Caruncho
1/25/2015Finding Favor in the FloodGenesis 6:8Rev. Joe Lee
1/18/2015Ice Storm (No Service)  
1/11/2015Parable of the VineyardMatthew 20:1-16Pastor Paul Shen
1/04/2015Body BuildingEphesians 4:11-13Rev. Janas Caruncho