English Ministry - FEAST

Friday English Adult Sharing Time

This adult fellowship group is attended by adults from all walks of life who are interested in fellowship with one another, learn to live the Christian way, and pray for one another on special needs.  Although the weekly meetings are focused on pre-determined topics (e.g. bible teachings by Rick Warren), group members are free to share experiences from family, work and other thoughts. Guest speakers are sometimes invited to the group to teach or share on testimonies.  The group has held numerous off-church outings such as a shopping trip to New York China Town,  a hike in the Poconos and meeting in a member's home.  Click here for schedules and contact information.

A hike in the Bushkill Falls Park, PA.
A shopping trip to Flushing China Town, NY.
A visit to see the Deadsea Scrolls in Franklin Institute, PA.
Sharing a lunch in PA.
A walk in Longwood Garden, PA.